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Gun Rights Only for ONE Class of Citizens?

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There can be NO FAVORITISM When it Comes to the Second Amendment

We just learned that Republican members of Congress are making plans right now to pass HR 354 – a bill that would expand a special national carry permit which applies ONLY to off-duty and retired police officers.erich-news-300x215.png

Please make no mistake: Gun Owners of America would NEVER oppose the expansion of Second Amendment rights.

But what we object to is Congress showing special favoritism to one class of citizens—like police, military, judges, or prosecutors—but leaving every other gun owner like YOU in the dust.

The Second Amendment does not discriminate against different classes of citizens. Every American has the God-given right to keep and bear arms. Period.

Erich, you and I both know that Republicans have been promising voters to give us concealed carry reciprocity for countless years.

But instead of expanding your gun rights, the House is preparing to pass this bill to allow police to carry in low security federal buildings, public buildings at national parks, and in schools with a special exception to the unconstitutional Gun Free School Zones Act.

Representative Thomas Massie explained the situation eloquently earlier this week:

“The problem is: here we are, carving out special rights for people that carry a badge. In fact, these are rights that were enshrined, protected—given to us by God but protected—by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution, a document that we have sworn an oath to defend and uphold… We need legislation that goes further!”

House Republicans need to schedule a hearing, a markup, and a floor vote to restore your right as an American to carry firearms in public for self defense—regardless of anti-gun state licensing schemes or other gun control laws.

This is the Republican Party’s chance to PROVE that their promises were more than just empty slogans on the campaign trail.

With the 2024 election nearly in full swing, we’re asking gun owners like YOU to hold your Representative’s feet to the fire and demand that they recognize concealed carry rights for ALL Americans.

Please add your name to our pre-written letter urging your Representative to recognize concealed carry rights for ALL Americans.


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