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Dropping fawns?

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Just now, The Back 40 said:

I had 2 doe bedded down in different locations this morning out in my field. They were popping their heads up every now and then. I thought they may have been placing their fawns out there or is it too early for that?

I'm starting to see more does in fields during the day.  I haven't seen any fawns yet, but a good buddy of mine seen one yesterday. 

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our farm is mostly hay fields and has been for a long time. before we did any QDM stuff with wood lots we'd see a lot of newborn fawns in fields throughout June and into july while mowing. our deer herd is more what it's supposed to be for sex ratio and qty. add the forest habitat work to that and we see far less in the hay fields. any newer born fawns we stumble upon or see are typically within the first half of june.

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