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50th Year Of Pheasant Hunting Is Coming Up


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  2023 will mark my 50th year in the Pheasant  Fields/Wetlands. I know-- Bill only Hunts Turkeys-LOL. I got started at age 14 in 1974. I also shot my 1st straight of 25 in Skeet at age 14.

  There have been really good Pheasant Dogs along the way. I will be out with ABBEY early next week of the new year.

 My Father  would take me on both weekend days and both Limit out. In the pic below is PEGGY- A really good English Setter. I am on the Left next to my Father. I am probably 15 here. And a few Pheasants in front.

  Unfortunately  for me there were Zero Turkeys in my area when,I was 14. Did not see my first one until 1990 when,I got started . Good pic below.



Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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