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Pulled my cams yesterday , great run of 2 bucks sparing


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Here’s a few of our wide 7 we’ve got running around I’ve been playing cat and mouse with this guy for 2 years now . The first photo of the 7 there’s a stand 10 yards to his left  , last year I had him at like 3 yards to my right during bow  in that stand but never had a shot . Also got a photo of this little guy with some palmation going on 






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57 minutes ago, grampy said:

Some great pictures Rob!!! 

Looks like 23 will be a good year for bucks in your hunting area!

Yeah we've actually got about 10 or so  pictures of different bucks , 3 spikes , 4 -3 &4 pointers the 2 -8’s in the photos and our  wide 7 . This is on 22 acres by the way . 

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