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One good thing about warm weather in early January....


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I don't freeze my ass off taking down the Xmas decorations.  Don't put out much, and probably only takes 45min to remove it all, but it sure was nice doing it without a knit hat, heavy coat and gloves. 

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1 minute ago, crappyice said:

I need snow days and ice fishing?!? Neither seem anywhere close in SENY

Lol, the only ice around here is in my freezer.  I just bought a 24v ice auger.  I'm hopeful it will see ice at some point this season. 

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Not to harp on responsible ice fishermen but glad  im not seeing same guy post on social media ..got my limit every day for the the last 3 weeks.  Give'm em a chance to grow up a bit and leave some to spawn in spring..  

I feel the same when a big storm keeps many hunters home for opening week / weekend.  Make for lot of 2.5 year old plus bucks the next year...

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