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How and where to shed hunt?


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15 minutes ago, yfki1983 said:

Does anyone here shed hunt in NY? If so, can you give some pointers? 

- when

- where do you look or what areas do you concentrate on?



I start looking hard in mid January concentrating on area where BUCKS are feeding during the shedding time frame. I don't typically hit bedding areas until later on unless it's a stand of hemlocks. I prefer some snow in the fields at this time and walk fresh sign. Once in a while you get lucky and see this...


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I will walk bedding areas in early February most years and that will be the only time I walk through them. Here in NJ where baiting is legal, any spot that has or had bait is also good for sheds. Bucks often spar around the bait sites, and some will lose an antler at times. 

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I like a good late january stroll with the .22 looking for squirrels and maybe sheds. Never gone out strictly for sheds. It is the best time to scout for next season too. Looks cold this weekend and I'll probably give it a go. Those that I find have to be super obvious lol. 

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