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Wallyworld in Glenmont (probably all of 'em) have camo clothing on clearance. Mossy Oak coats for $26 and pants for $12. Real Tree Edge coats for $34 and pants for $14. Plus first and mid layer clothing from $10.

Link:  https://www.walmart.com/browse/4125_546956_4155_4363790?facet=special_offers%3AClearance||special_offers%3AReduced+Price||special_offers%3ARollback

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I didn't see any trail cams on sale, or archery gear for that matter. The clothing is up front, not in the sporting goods department. I wanted a coat for small game hunting I could leave out and leave my deer hunting stuff in the bins. I have been looking for a US M65 Field Coat for small game hunting and cooler weather camping, but man even a used one is $100. So, the Walmart special will do.

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