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Turkey Scouting/2023- Jan To Late April


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    Instead of posting up my 2023 Turkey Scouting exploits  in my - member Hunting Journal,I will post under " Scouting".

    From January to Late April when,I start going for the Big Birds in New Jersey,I will post up my Scouting Days out and the Rough estimate  of hour/s each time out and the different  places that,I Scouted although,I will never divulge the exact or even the General Locations of where, I am striving to gain intell on the MUAs to up my Game and knowledge.  And late April I will tally the number of Scouting Days, how many times each place was visited, and the Rough estimate of Hours invested. I have never used a Trail Camera- so it is all- Boots on the ground.

     So far for now - January 10th/23,I have been out on 2 Scouting Days for a total of just 2 1/2 hours. At the same time,I continue to keep a Written  Journal which will make the adding up at the end of April exceedingly easier.

    Going back to 1990 and especially  the 1990s,I would put in in excess of 120 hours of Scouting from January to Late April.  This Thread will pop up frequently.  Just Hit that Red- Ignore Topic if not interested.

    So far- 2 Days out/2 1/2 hours.

Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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Here is my Schwinn Ranger Turkey Scouting/Hunting Mountain  Bike.

   When,I have a partner with me,I usually  walk. But sometimes alone,I will Sling a Shotgun over my Shoulder and Bike on in with a good flashlight of course

   For Scouting,I can Bike a good ways in. Lock up the Bike and spend more time walking around and getting less tired. 




Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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On 2/5/2023 at 2:56 PM, Buckmaster7600 said:

What are you looking for? I can’t imagine sign matters this time of year.

Birds are in winter flocks and will dispurse  miles from where they are now. End of march april is  best time to scout  unless your just trying to learn terrain. 90% of  killing a bird is the set up  in my experience.  

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    Jan,Feb,and up to late March my focus is to constantly learn New Ground in the numerous  huge Publc/MUAs that,I Love in both New York and New Jersey.

   While doing this my Woodsmanship constantly  improves  from year to year and building on from 1990 with No Mentor.

   Besides Twice a week practice/ year round to keep my Calling Skills at a high level- this Woodsmanship   is the major reason why,I have a high Turkey Kill number.

    Extremely  enjoyable also .  For anyone else wondering about Turkey Scouting in Jan,Feb, and March- now you know.

Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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