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Wisconsin Sturgeon spearing.


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Have wanted to do this since I read an article about it a few years ago.

He's booked for this year, but I'm going to reserve a 4 or 5 day trip as soon as he opens his books for 2024.

I'm guessing it's a low odds thing, but it looks like a good time without breaking the bank.

Be neat to have a freezer full of sturgeon.



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I've watched videos of them spearing sturgeon.  I think Michigan has a lake they allow spearing. It's a one day season. They have a quota, and once that is hit, everyone has to stop.  Think it may have been on one of those "wardens" shows. 

Definitely would be something different and memorable to experience.  Good luck.

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Saw this the other day on the outdoor channel.  Meat eater did a "Fur Hat " ice fishing show and they had a sturgeon spearing episode.  @Skillet


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it was recently on the Meat Eater podcast. Chester basically said to prepare for it, go sit in a closet with a six pack of beer, a chair, and the light off in total darkness. then don't leave until you finish the beer. don't spear a northern. lol sounded fun though.

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