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11 minutes ago, sbuff said:

I'm looking into possibly having mark woodman build one from an omega action 

TC Prohunter is a safe queen as it is. I don't use it much anymore. Typically tagged out or bowhunting. there's some real nice muzzleloaders out there. don't get enough attention.

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4 hours ago, sbuff said:

Looking at barrles for a build ,is there a significant difference in brux or McGowen barrels 

Brux are cut rifled, at one point McGowen were button rifled, they were going to go to cut rifling but I’m not sure if their entire product line is now cut or button.

Some will argue cut is better, some say it doesn’t make a difference. They all get lapped, and most agree thats where it counts and a good crown job. On a mz loader you don’t have to worry about a good  chamber. :)

I installed a Savage 110 McGowen in 308w on a neighbors rifle and its really good. (It’s easy with the lock nut to head space. I just did a little stock work as it was a bit tight.)

I’d use either, a competent gunsmith and a good crown job is more important.


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