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Bows have come a long way..


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58 minutes ago, G-man said:


Seems you could draw this bow hang it up and  then just pick it up and release it ... almost like a x bow...

Maybe they'll put a boat winch in the stock to draw it for all the men with "shoulder injuries" 

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I can loosen the draw stops on my bow and slide them far enough that I have 100% let off.  

A while ago I  had the bright idea of seeing how much let-off I could get out of it..

Too much! Luckily my gf was home and i called for help. When I started to let off the cams didn't turn , the strings would start to go slack. She came out and "helped" the cams turn with a stick so I could let it down.

 It was scary . Definitely a design flaw, but there are a few with that bow.

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