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17 HMR CCI game point.


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I've got a Savage 93 that I've had for several years with only a box or so of rounds through it, that needs some woods time.  

I've got CCI A17, 17g varmint tips and CCI 20g FMJ.  The only squirrels I've gotten with either round is off my bird feeder.  The varmint tips are devastating, head shots only if you want to eat them.  The FMJ just poke a hole and I've had squirrels run or drag themselves several yards with a body shot.  

Seems the CCI Game point might be a good compromise. It's 20g jacketed soft point, and might not do as much damage as the polymer tips, and a better job at anchoring them then the FMJ on body shots. 

Obviously head shots are the preferred target, but when they are out there 60-75 yards, the broadside body shot is perfect for this old geser. 

Anyone try the game points on tree rats? 

If I can find some, I'll probably give them a try. 

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