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Squirrel hunting methods


Squirrel hunting poll  

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  1. 1. Single projectile method

    • Head shot
    • Body shot
    • "Barking"

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For those of you who use a single projectile (air rifle / firearm / bow), what's your preferred shot?

Personally, using either .22 LR or .17 hmr, I try for head shots - more of a challenge, especially if I have to stalk 'em to get a clear shot, but it does lead to more misses.

Full disclosure, I have tried "barking" with a 22 but it never seemed to be very effective.

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I have only ever intentionally tried one head shot, and that was with my open-sighted 50 cal side-lock ML.  I had a bit of a hang-fire on that one.  I held steady, resulting in a clean decapitation.  

For about 30 years, I always aimed center-lung, with my .22 LR’s, or center of mass with my full-choke .410.  I only used the .410 when there were still leaves on the trees.  Very little meat was lost, on squirrels killed with center-lung shots, with the standard-velocity target ammo that I used on most of them.   

I was on the rifle team in high school.  The coach let me keep “the sweepings” if I stayed after practice and matches to clean up the range.  It took me many years to exhaust that ammo supply.  The Ely match ammo did a real nice job as did the cheaper Winchester and Remington stuff.  

There has been a bit more meat damage on the last few that I shot with high/velocity Remington yellow jackets.  Maybe I’ll start trying for head shots. 

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11 minutes ago, HeavyUser said:

Being new to this my opinion doesn't matter much BUT, head shots all the way. I feel like body shots would ruin good meat. 

Body shots definitely can ruin meat if hit in the shoulders or spine.  I usually try for mid mass on body shots.  .22m or .17hmr usually anchors them with no meat damage.  But, the head shot it ideal. 

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