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Why The Over 40s Should Train And Why Many Won't In The Martial Arts.


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     Being with my own Sensei  for nearly 13 years ,It was clear to see that while the Kids were Training- the watching parents- especially the Father never joined to Train.  There were exceptions  of course. And Martial Arts and Boxing are a good way to achieve  fitness for the over 40s.

   Probably the biggest reason that over 40 men don't  join is a sense of Pride. That they already have everything  under control at their age. And besides- many carry/24-7.  And they Absolutely  won't  be taught by some whippersnapper low Ranking Brown Belt the Basics before learning more from the Sensei. But there are many situations that you do not want  to show that Gun. And Legal problems  will follow. That should be the last resort and never the first. 

   Best for the over 40s in my opinion is Boxing First and Okinawan Karate as a 2nd choice.  If there is a Muay Thai School nearby-- run to it!

   Forget the Sparring past age 40 unless it is light contact with a trusted and experienced person who trains with you. The goal is Heath, Fitness, and the confidence that you can truly handle yourself in case something Pops off.

  Arts that require tremendous  amount of training to maintain your skills should be avoided. 

   There will probably  be some who disagree with all of the  above and that is fine- we all choose our path.

  With the new year upon us- who here will take up new skills for Health,Fitness, and confidence?






Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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