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PSA - Remember to check your pistol permit recertification date


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1 hour ago, Rob-c said:

Just went in a did the wife’s PP renewal , and rechecked mine and don’t forget it’s every 3 yrs now so mine was 2027 now due in 25 . 10 more years and I’m gone out of this dam state .

I've got a check mine.  Hopefully I only have to do it once more, as wife and I plan on leaving NY in 2 yrs. 

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I wonder when/if NRA and GOA are going to go after NYS for NYers having to pay to exercise their 2A right.  The ACLU would be all over this if it were paying for voting, free speech, etc.

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before the new law I got a reminder letter. Are we still getting letters?

"Ethical behavior is doing the right thing when no one else is watching, even when the wrong thing is legal"

-Aldo Leopold 

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10 minutes ago, DirtTime said:

I personally think the Supreme Court needs to remind these anti-gun politicians that the Constitution and the Second Amendment do not say I need a permission slip to own a pistol.

they already basically approved the idea of a permitting system so long as you don't have to prove a need for the right.

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