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Whats smokin!!


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Got something going on the pit!!!  Post it here so we can all drool while your eating.  


Perfect weather today for smoking some cheese.  I've got x-sharp Cabot and pepper jack.  There's also one small block of 15yr old cheddar in there. 

Using apple pellets in a smoke generator tube.  I'll smoke for 2-4 hrs or until I get the color I like.  Let's them sit uncovered in my project fridge overnight, then vac seal for probably 3-4 weeks.  



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11 minutes ago, crappyice said:

55E4B39E-C0E9-4FC9-8B5B-DD714F071C08.jpegPopped this in the smoker today for some smoke while home. Will finish inside early next week for a friend's family- she just finished her final chemo treatment for breast cancer 

Looking good.  Hope she's cancer free. 

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16 minutes ago, crappyice said:

Thanks...so far so good for her. Her next step is for her hubby to pick her/her out a new set of cans(her words...I'm not being insensitive!)!


Nothing insensitive about that.  I'm glad they have a positive attitude.

Oh ya, pork is looking good. 

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Just now, 2012-Taco said:

I have 2 venison roasts brining right now, day 11, will smoke them tomorrow for pastrami.  I'll try to get a pic when they're done. 

I'm almost out of the batch I made few weeks ago.  Might have to start a new batch soon. 

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