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A Day at the Archery Club


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4 hours ago, OldBrian said:

Here is a video I made today at Hawkeye Bowmen  Archery Club . Had fun shooting my selfbow with friend Mark who was shooting his recurve. All the snow was gone so it was easy walking and easy to find any missed arrows.

Take care, Brian


Fun Fact.....my wife's UNCLE was a founding member of Hawkeye many many moons ago.  Although I've never been a member I've been shooting there for close to 35 years.  Great club on many levels.

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LOL I forgot to add the "UNCLE"
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8 minutes ago, 2012-Taco said:

Nice video Brian! I truly miss shooting at Hawkeye,  but I miss seeing all the guys the most. I loved the "work" parties, and the game dinners! 

The work parties were really something. It was amazing what got done in a few hours with everyone working together. Afterwards everyone would enjoy a hotdog, hamburg and chili lunch. The annual Wild Game dinners were fun. Also shooting with a bunch of guys on Wednesday evenings in the Summertime. 

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