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How to make an antler


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Our daughter shot a big 8 pointer that had dropped one side, when we found it the other side had fallen off too.  She was hoping for a skull mount so I spent several weeks scouring the woods looking for the shed antler, but no luck.  I reached out to several taxidermists about making a matching antler but they all said the same thing,  you can make copies of an existing antler but you can't make the opposite side.  Well it took a month of trial and error but I was finally able to make a matching antler.        

Shed buck .jpeg

1:9 3.jpeg

Shed Mount .jpeg

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2 hours ago, Rusty said:

One of them just used this technique on a client's mount.  :rofl:  

Just curious, did you develop this technique, or did you research on how to? If you developed it, I hope you bartered with the taxidermist for a future mount, lol. 

Either way impressive. 

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