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Trolling motor question.


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27 minutes ago, Skillet said:

I was wondering if anyone has a Minn Kota that has the Spot-Lock feature.

If so, how do you like it? Does it hold ok in semi rough water or wind?

It sure does. Will hold you within a very close distance, usually within a couple feet. If the waves are real bad it will be a bit more but for the most part holds you right there in the same area. The higher the pound thrust and weight of the boat make a difference. But it works very well. Guys that sonar fish on Oneida swear by it. 

If you get one with spot lock get one with the hand remote and one that you can set a waypoint for. It's the best thing for trolling ever.  I can fish and just keep an eye on where we are going without having to drive and adjust the boat all the time. We slow troll worm harness spinners and it's so much easier.  

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