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Common saying's of yesterday that kids today don't understand.


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1 minute ago, crappyice said:

We just taught them "Ring the phone when you get home."

Whenever we got home from Brooklyn, my mother would have to call my grandmother's house and let it ring just once and hang up -indicating we were home safely

Similar with collect calls as a kid to get picked up by mom or dad. 

You have a collect call from "we're ready come pick us up" :rofl:

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9 minutes ago, grampy said:

Go turn the antenna!!

Back in the days when you had only two or three TV channels. And had to adjust, or turn the television antenna, to better the reception and picture. 

Omg. The times dad asked us to turn the antenna or adjust the rabbit ears.. 

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7 hours ago, DoubleDose said:

Drop a dime on someone. (They have no knowledge of a public payphone)


I was in a tavern back in the early 70's  and  the bartender told an unruly patron that if he didn't leave, he'd "drop a dime" on him...

The patron replied  " If you drop a dime on me, I'll drop YOU..".....

Happy ending...The guy left  and nobody got hurt...

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