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Building some new arrows , and thought I’d show my process


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I’m going to turn my hunting bow down to 55 lbs and my current Beman 300 pro hunters at 29.5 inches were going to be too stiff . So with my long  draw I still needed 300 spine arrows just a bit longer with some extra insert weight . I went with Gold Tip hunter ST and at 31 inches long with 42 grain inserts spined out perfect on my OT2 app. 
So first I cut both ends on my arrow saw to get them down to 31 inches .
Next onto my G5 arrow squaring tool.  I paint the cut ends and then lay them into the squaring grooves applying some downward pressure with my one hand while spinning them and pushing them into the sanding surface with the other. Doing this till the paint is gone . 

Then I clean the ends with isopropyl alcohol .
Installed the nocks next , and over to check and mark the stiff side of the spine of the arrow with my spine tester . 

Next is adding weight to the factory GT nocks ,  I’m cheap so I went to Home Depot and bought brass 8/32 thread bolts to use for insert weight . Chucked them in a drill and spun them on a bench grinder to grind down the heads to fit into the shaft. Then chucked back into the drill,  I ran the bolt heads on some sand paper  to smooth them out and to finish them all to weigh the same .  Loctite them into the rear of the insert until they hit the bottom of the threads on the field tip and then back out 1/4 turn 

Now I’m weighing all the components , arrows , insets , nocks  , feathers , field tip’s . To mix and match to get all the arrows the same or within a few grains of each other in weight. 

Next I glue  in the inserts ,   apply fletching ,  when doing this I turn my nocks so when fletching the cock vane falls on the stiff side of the spine . This way all the arrows will hopefully flex the same when being shot . I decided to go with 4 inch feathers . Then I reweighed all the arrows. Out of 6 I had 4 at 457 and 2 at 456. Not bad for a mid grade arrow , I thought . 
Tomorrow I’ll be turning the bow down and then putting it in my draw board to check cam timing. Then going through and tuning  the bow . 








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