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2023 NDA Seed Program

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Every year the National Deer Association gets left over soybean and corn seed for use to plant for wildlife at a fraction of its original cost. Our Upper Hudson River Valley NDA branch is doing this again for this year. If you're not in the capital region or Saratoga, Warren, Washington, or Rensselaer county I can point you in the right direction to a branch in your area. Below is a portion of the email our branch recently received. We have to pre-order though so let me know days before the date. There's no minimum order for you and 1 bag does approximately one acre.


National Deer Association - 2023 Conservation Seed Program

We are writing to let you know about an exciting opportunity NDA is providing to our members. We are
pleased to offer members a Conservation Seed Program to help get viable seed planted across the landscape
to benefit whitetails, other wildlife species, and your hunting this fall.
Through a national program we’re able to acquire year-old seed and provide it to our members at extremely
reduced prices. The germination rate will likely be less than 100 percent, but still very good relative to cost of
the seed. It’s important to note the seed can’t be sold for profit, traded or bartered, it has to remain standing
for wildlife use, and it can’t be fed directly to livestock or wildlife as it is treated.
In 2023, we are offering this program exclusively through our Branch network to increase promotion of our
Branches and increase community involvement with our Branches and volunteers. This program has had an
impressive impact on wildlife habitat and has been a great member benefit. If you are not interested in
participating that is fine, but if you’d like to be involved then please continue reading.
2023 Program Highlights
- We can get glyphosate-resistant soybeans, glyphosate-resistant corn and sorghum. The soybeans are a
blend of early to medium maturity, and the corn is 90 to 120-day maturity.
- Price is $20/bag and the Branch keeps $5/bag of that cost for their assistance in offering and expense
in coordinating the program. This has been a great fundraiser for many Branches in past years.
- We have to order in bulk, and a minimum order is 400 bags of a single species (corn or soybeans or
- Some Branches want 400 (or more) bags while others prefer a smaller number. That is fine as we can
combine orders from Branches near each other to meet the 400-bag minimum.
- For Branches that participate, we will help you sell the seed by sending out a local/state eblast to our
database announcing the opportunity and providing a Branch contact to purchase/pick up seed.
- Planting season will be here soon so you must place your Branch order with me by February 17, 2023.

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