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Ring cameras ?


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So I’ve always hardened my homes, reinforced my doors and jams,outside lighting , an alarm . I’m in the process to changing over to Ring systems, I’ve added a bunch of indoor cameras which I love , you can’t be anywhere in our home without setting off at least one and often two cameras at the same time ! I get notifications in real-time and videos ! When we go away I’ll add my two neighbors to the notifications, one works from home , has two big dogs and a AR, the others a cop,who’ll respond from home or work …..

My question is the basement camera runs in infrared when it’s dark and normal mode with the lights on . One thing I’ve noticed is if I walk down the stairs  and flip the lights on, I can walk across the room into another without setting it off ! I’m thinking when it goes from infrared to normal it takes a couple seconds and doesn’t record in that period . Anyone have any experience with this ?

Thanks .

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I run 6 outdoors all the time. I’ve only used the indoor ones during renovations when I’m not home or on vacation. I love them, but haven’t tried the indoor situation you are referencing. I also pair them with the doorbell chimes and water sensors. 




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I use a Blink mini in the basement in my home up north, focusing on my oil tank gauge.  Camera is near a window, so when the sun moves away, and darkens the basement the cam goes off sends a video of the transition of daytime/night mode.  No lag in recording.  I would check sensitivity setting, and see if the cam is maybe too close to where you are walking by(maybe too perpendicular and close to walking path?) Best I can help with.

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The basement cam is at this end of the room facing the stairs and also picks up anyone coming from the other side of the basement. It’s in front of my hunting room .

When we leave I’ll arrange the furniture so one can’t simply run by the camera . But they’ll trigger others well before getting in the basement anyway and an alarm . Plus most likely they’ll head towards the hunting room and trigger it for sure . That room has a solid door with deadbolt and beefed up jam as well .

Outside ones will be added soon, right now my neighbors picks up my driveway and another one parts of my backyard .


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I use a Lorex system with a NVR, which is like a DVR.  I've got 3 cams outside that are rated to -15° .  I can customize the target area for movement by making zones within the viewing cone more or less sensitive to movement. I can also zoom the cams to customize the viewing come.  4th yr with this system and it's been fantastic. All my cams are outside, but I have the ability to add 4 additional cams inside if I wish.  The biggest downfall is the cams are wired and powered to the NVR. 


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13 hours ago, blackbeltbill said:

  This Poor Man is way behind the 8- Ball- LOL. I need to look into this at the cheapest level or set up a fake one. All 3 Neighbors  around me have extensive  Camera systems so that is a help- but limited.

If you look into Blink cameras they are easily setup , you have to have WIFI ! They work off of WIFI and are not wired , each cameras has two batteries !

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