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So how many KIAs and Hyundai are they stealing by you ?


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It’s been over 400 here in the last few months . They drive them like maniacs hitting  other cars , doing robberies ,drive bys , and the other night drove them through  the doors of 5 businesses and stole the cash registers and ATMs .

Yesterday I’m on 590 , 1:00 in the afternoon ,I’m in the number two lane ( rt lane ) with a Honda just a bit A head in the number one lane ( left ) I look in the rear view and a white car is doing 100 plus in the left lane ,I realize hes blocked in and i brake ,thinking perhaps the Honda is paying attention and will move into my lane ,nope !

The White Hyundai at the very last second cuts over in front of me onto the space I created, how he missed the Honda I’ll never know , but he’s now fishtailing at over 100 and I’m praying he rolls it, but sadly he doesn’t and keeps on going .

So at the gym I tell my story to a cop friend , he says a small suv ? Yep . The troopers chased it last night and they bailed out of the car, and then his dept got in on the foot chase and they only caught one, he’s 13 Y/o ! 

It’s F@@$ insane around here , total lawlessness . My buddy’s parking lot in a pricey suburb had a stolen car crash into two cars in his lot, the driver got out and walked away ….they also did three armed robberies in that town the same day , that’s like a years worth normally.

I just want to stay home !

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4 minutes ago, Ogee said:


Maybe 2 or 3 times a year there is an arrest in the town I live, I think there was one last year?


I’m in a nice burb , but the nearby city,my past employer, Rochester is out of control , sadly it’s spreading outwards ,and I don’t even want to go into the city , a place I always felt safe even on the worst streets . Today there’s no penalty for crime .

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Syracuse is the same.  There was just an 11 yo girl shot and killed coming back from the store. She was president of her class and an honor student with a bright future. 3 people arrested 20, 18 and 16.  And most likely it was the 16 to that was in juvenile already for handgun possession.  The Syr DA is a tiger and well known for being tough but only so much they can do. 

I've seen stats that Rochester crime rate is up like 133% in the past 3 years. Sounds like time for a move the hell out of there.  

I live in a small town for sure and it's not nearly as bad.  I haven't gone to Syr in a year. Nothing there I need. Hell even Jim Boheim's wife was mugged in Syr.  And he's the king of the city. 


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"it's pointless for humans to paint scenes of nature when they can go outside and stand in it"- Ron Swanson

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It's sickening as that's all you see on local news for us anymore.i don't go in rochester for ANYTHING.closest I have come is taking dad to Strong memorial for his appt's 

i saw the 3 local sheriff's substations are handing out hyundai and kia steering wheel locks at no charge to try and cut thefts down

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I recently picked up some used goods off Marketplace at this mans home near St John Fisher.. He kept telling me how disgusting it is to live there these days.. Beautiful home, done well for him self.. but the theives keep coming and stealing his fuels from his vehicles. And trying to break into everything he owns.. Its Bs. And its the exact reason i moved out of Macedon, and into Steuben County country.. It was only a matter of time the scum start spreading east from the city. And of course directly east of the city is a lot of money filled neighborhoods..  

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1 hour ago, LET EM GROW said:

And of course directly east of the city is a lot of money filled neighborhoods..  

hey, that’s where I live ! Fortunately the Bay, and Lake block two,of our boarders . Anytime something happens here , the Webster cops set up on 104 and Irondequoit sets up on the bridge , it’s a funnel a hunter could only dream of . 

My neighbor has plastic on the rear passenger side window of her Hyundai . I need to talk to her, that’s the window they break to enter the car to steal it . 

I heard from a Deputy that the even  East side towns that start with “ P “ are having at least one car stolen a night . The cops are all sick of the no chase policy as well, only the troopers chase , the criminals actually taunt the city cops driving passed them in the stolen cars and laughing ! 


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