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Harrisburg 2023


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Going to shoot down for an overnight this weekend.

Told myself last year after walking the show that we would not go again until 2024 as it just wasn’t that great. Fairly sure I spent more on jerky and food/drink than anything else. But it’s cold, not enough ice to fish, and I still have a good number of bucks carrying both sides so I’m not going to bust them out of the area.

I have a friend working a booth there that I’ll stop by to see and we will 100% be going to Arooga’s for dinner. Possibly the best wings outside of wNY. That may be the highlight!

Anyone else making the trek?

*Edit I also want to stop at the Boyd’s booth and order the fore end to my CVA Scout. I got a thumbhole for it from them but they were not in production of the fore end last month. I believe they are now and I’ll be ordering that.

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I keep trying to find ways to stop finding things I don't really need so shows like this never help. But I 100% hear you on killing some time on a crummy february weekend in the NE. I'm thinking of doing some scouting and squirrel hunting on Sunday after the cold snap though. Have fun!

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

Luke 6:31 and Matthew 7:12

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