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Wild Turkey Breakfast At 1 Degrees- 2/4/23.


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    I just came in from feeding and walking among my current  Flock of 11 Turkeys. They showed up around 7.10am and,I was out with them at 7.15am. They had a Frigid night on the Roost!

  Breakfast of Black Sunflower Seeds,Cracked Corn,Birdseed, and unsalted peanuts. Enough for all!

   Nope- no Hunting down here. The Local Fire Dept recently  put in place a good 25 of those big Concrete  Spacer Blocks after the company next door started  to bring over their huge pipes and placed them near the firehouse. No more Bowhunting for a few who parked back there Illegally. 

  Anyway- the Flock is doing well. Healthy and Robust. Took the below pic at 7.20am.


Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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