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Scrape mates?


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Any y'all have any thoughts on scrape helpers? My thought is going towards the code blue scrape mate because of the way that it time release is. Typically I'll use either code blue buck urine alone or my own pee with a few drops of  code blue buck urine in it. Seems to work pretty well but obviously doesn't last for a while. I've had more visits to mock scrapes than non-visits. But I want to switch it up.

Currently looking at these three on Amazon, but what drew my eye to the code blue gravedigger is this:

Time release scent remains active for up to 30 days after application, eliminating the need to reapply

Moisture doesn’t dilute effectiveness, it activates it

Works as curiosity scent in early or late season and infringement scent during peak rut

Remains effective in freezing conditions commonly experienced during the rut


Palma non sine pulvere 

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I did a tinks bag this year. First time id seen one. I barely cut it and hung from the tree and it lasted the whole season. I preferred trying that than a full cut and u get like 3 days out of it.


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Honestly, I wouldn't waste my money on scents for scrapes. I make several mock scrapes every year and all I do is pee in them myself and they get all kinds of attention. Just be sure to have an eye appealing over hanging branch. If there isn't one, I cut a grape vine make one to hang over the scrape.

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I dont like to keep a scent active as i believe deer will lay down a d wait out the new guy..when he doesnt show and scent is new they may pick up another scent adn associate it and then avoid the area..  

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22 minutes ago, NYRturkeycall said:

Wonder how long these things actually last. It says 3 days but what's your experience if you don't mind me asking

Still has a bunch, I barely cut the slit, she my thought was to keep sent longer.

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