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The 1st Of 4 Turkey Hunting Books To Arrive.


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  The Author of the Book Below- Butch Barnes of Alabama  has over 50 years of Turkey Hunting under his Belt. I am always trying to learn more beyond Social Media.

  Ordered this one from Amazon. Interesting so far! I have 3 more Turkey Books on order from Jim Casada.  Check the pic below.




Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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13 hours ago, dmandoes said:

U going to give book reviews?  Save me some time so I don't read crappy ones.


    Definitely  buy- The Old Pro Turkey Hunter by Gene Nunnery. 

  Written  in 1980 . Reprints now available  through Amazon  due to the huge demand for this sold out book.

  I have the original.  I also have the sold out 1986 Book- I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes Unto The Hills. It is works many Hundreds right now.

 Nunnery  died in 1992- age 79. He lists in his 1st Book a total of 248 Gobblers killed. Going by his 6 per year average- Nunnery  probably  exceeded  300 Legal Spring Gobblers  between  His state of Mississippi  and Alabama .

    He had 4 Mentors who together  had over 200 years of Turkey Hunting under their belts.

  Nunnery  and other old Timers believed that the use of Decoys,Food Plots, and Permanent  Blinds around Field would severely  reduce the Turkey Population  as no Hunting or Calling Skill is necessary.  

   And wow- he was right! The Southeast Turkey Population  is at all time Lows.

  Anyway-- Great Book. One that,I have read 3 Times. Anyone who wants to learn more should buy it.

 Here is Gene Nunnery  below. 



Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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