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270... To Crimp Or Not To Crimp?


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I picked up a set of Lee dies for loading 270 hunting ammo. The die set comes with a Lee Factory Crimp die. For you experienced reloaders out there. Do you think using a Crimp on my 270 rounds, that will be used only out of a bolt action, will make a difference at all in accuracy? My research turned up 50/50 for, and against. I never crimped using my old Hornady dies. And shot MOA or smaller at 100 yards. But I'm always looking to improve my handloads too. So, what do ya think? Crimp or no crimp???

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21 minutes ago, Pygmy said:

For a bolt action, the only reason I could see to crimp is if firing a really heavy recoiling load, like a .458 mag...

I have loaded for bolt actions from .222 Rem to .338 Win mag and  never crimped a round...

Thanks Dan. Your advice is greatly appreciated. 

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i haven't picked up a chrono yet and gotten into reloading enough to hold any weight. i'm an engineer and research everything still.

better reloaders that neck turn brass or use better brass always said no crimp is more consistent for neck tension which helps reduce ES. others say more neck tension with a crimp is more consistent. lol unless you can produce a consistent crimp batch to batch i'd say you're just introducing more cause for error or inconsistency.

some say it's to keep it sealed up better but that has to be BS. youre pressing the bullet into an elastic case mouth. i don't have anything really heavy recoiling so it's good to know Dan hasn't had any issue with 338 win mag. also GunBlue490 i watch on Youtube along with others i follow said most don't recoil enough. he's measured cases from a mag after firing a round or two from heavy recoiling short neck loads and not seen bullet movement within the case.

my novice understanding.

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Thanks for the responses guys!! I'm leaning towards no crimp. Though I may crimp five practice rounds, just to see how they compare to the non crimp rounds? 

For the most part, your answers, and my research, say no crimp is needed in a 270 bolt action.  The rounds I have loaded in the past were never crimped. And they shot sub MOA out of both rifles. Never an issue with bullet movement either.

Sometimes I may tend to overthink things, while looking to improve? I'm also thinking, when what you have works fine, don't mess with it!! 


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