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3 legged deer


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Got this pic. Yesterday of a 3 legged deer, pretty neat the tenacity of these animals. Out of thousands of pics this past year never one pic. Of this deer and does not look like a fresh wound. Maybe born this way? Looks cut off pretty high to be from a gun or bow shot, not sure?





















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Loosing one leg doesn’t hardly even slow them down.  Back when I was in my early twenties, I was able to run this one down, but only after I shot out a second leg.

I probably couldn’t do that today, because he was still pretty fast on just two good legs (opposite diagonal front and back).  Someone had shot out the rear leg, just above the hoof, a week or so prior.  He was walking normally, slightly out of the effective range of my old smooth-bore 16 gauge, maybe 125 yards away.    

I knew it was pushing it a bit on the range.  I got off my chair, and rested my shotgun on it.  I held the crosshairs of the 1.5x Weaver scope on the top of his back, above the shoulder, and I squeezed one off.  

He stumbled, but continued towards me, obviously in great distress. It was very cold that day and I breathed on my scope , fogging it up when I lifted my head, after the first shot.  I pointed the muzzle at him, getting (4) more shots off at much closer range, none of which touched him.  

He continued into some very heavy cover.   I wiped my scope clear, climbed down from my stand, and reloaded as I chased after him.  He was using the stump on the injured rear leg, and the two good legs, to make forward progress slightly slower than me into the jungle-like cover.  His antlers slowed him considerably through the tangled brush.  A two legged doe probably would have been able to outrun me. 

I got several more shots off during the couple hundred yard foot race.  When I got down to my last slug, I knew I had to make it count.  I waited until I could practically touch his neck with my muzzle, before I gave him that last one.  

I had brought (10) slugs with me that Thanksgiving morning, and I shot (9) of them at that buck.  Only the first and the the last struck him.  I must have lost a “live” one, trying to reload on the run.  

My first shot shot had struck the top of a front leg, breaking the bone and rendering it completely useless.  He continued to make good use of the back stump, until my last slug ruined his neck roast, from 3 feet away. 

I never would have been able to run him down, after my first low shot, had someone else not shot off the back hoof the week before.  Sometimes God works in mysterious ways to get those deer into Heaven (mankind’s food supply).  


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They sure are tough. This year I had a buck on my property that was missing a rear foot. While he walked he had a good limp but when he ran you could hardly tell. For his rack he had one good side with 4 points on it and the other was goofy looking. I hope he's around next year to see how his rack looks. He was in a pic a few days ago with some other bucks and he was the only one in the bunch that had shed his antlers.

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