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Site Guidelines:

  1. Respectful Communication:
    • Engage in discussions with respect and avoid vulgar language, personal attacks, name-calling, bullying, or baiting members into arguments.
    • Masking vulgar language is considered a violation of our guidelines.
  2. Moderator Interaction:
    • If a moderator removes your content, contact them via private message for clarification instead of questioning their actions in public.
  3. Private Communication:
    • Use the Personal Message (PM) feature to address issues with other members or moderators. Avoid creating threads or posts for personal contact or protests.
  4. Avatar and Signature:
    • Choose avatars tastefully.
    • Limit signature blocks to 5 lines or fewer
  5. Grammar Corrections:
    • Refrain from correcting spelling or grammar publicly. If needed, ask for clarification.
  6. Content Guidelines:
    • Prohibit material that is threatening, harassing, abusive, sexual, defamatory, or violates any law.
    • Avoid knowingly posting false or misleading information, including racial attacks or slurs.
  7. Forum Usage:
    • Use the appropriate forum for topics to minimize moderator intervention.
    • Spamming, creating topics for spam purposes, or increasing post count is not allowed.
  8. Giveaways:
    • Obtain administrative approval for giveaways.
    • Members and sponsors may offer giveaways with prior approval.
  9. Secondary Accounts:
    • Alternate or secondary accounts for deception are prohibited.
    • The alternate/secondary account will be banned, and the original user may also be banned.
  10. Topic Bumping and Links:
    • Acceptable topic bumping with courtesy. Avoid flooding the front page.
    • Embedding hidden links or spamming the forum is not tolerated.
  11. Private Messages:
    • Respect the privacy of Private Messages (PMs). Posting them on the open forum is not allowed.
  12. Moderator Actions:
    • Moderators may edit or remove content violating guidelines, accompanied by warnings or bans.
    • Appeals can be made through PM or email to administration.
  13. Site-wide Application:
    • Guidelines apply universally to all sections of the site. Bans, if warranted, are site-wide.
  14. Community Policing:
    • Keep content clean, honest, and free from inappropriate language. Respect fosters mutual respect.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What happens if I break a guideline?
A: Breaking a guideline may result in a warning, temporary or permanent ban based on severity and warning history. Penalties aim for fairness and consistency.

Q: What if I see a guideline-breaking thread/post?
A: Report the thread/post to moderators for review and action. Members play a crucial role in identifying and addressing guideline violations.

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