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Saltwater fishings pics from the past!
Let's see some of those saltwater fishing pics from the past!
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Freshwater fishings pics from the past!
Let's see some of those freshwater fishing pics from the past!
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Home Butchering Pics Thread
I guess some folk like their deer skin on aged laying in a stack in a parking lot and getting soneone elses lean cuts, no thanks half the fun is cutting them up!!!

Post your pics from home (warning graphic):

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Let's see some pictures from past hunts
We like pictures, let's see some of yours from past hunts.    
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2022 Firearm Success Pics
Post your pics and stories of this seasons successful hints. 

Good luck everyone. 
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Live From The Woods 2022 - 2023 Edition!
Hoping fasteddie joins up over here, but thought I'd kick this one off so you guys can share some of your hunts this season!
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ADK Backwoods Trapline Camp 2022
I have been planning this years trip while I was still on last years trip!  Two more days until I hit the road!!  My plan is to trap and hunt with my flintlock from a primitive camp I set up in the woods until Thanksgiving, come home to visit with my family for a couple days, then head back up until December 11.  I’ll be working a bit while I’m up for my second leg-overseeing sediment sampling in the St.Lawrence River and archeological test pits on Tribal land, but plan to still run a few trap lines.  I don’t do this for the money, but for the pure enjoyment and love of being in the woods…being part of the woods, and challenging myself under a variety of conditions.  Like last year, my goal is not quantity but a variety of quality put up fur.  …and not to hurt myself!  I’ll touch base here, when I can, of my adventures along with some photos.

Below is a link to a video I posted of my trip last year made by my good friend OldBrian…if I’m lucky, maybe I can convince him to make another of ADK Backwoods Trapline Camp 2022!

Take care,



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