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  • mlamm24

    1st Xbow Buck

      Year: 2023
      Species: Deer
      Weapon: Crossbow
      Date Killed: 11/11/2023

    Can't beat a day in the woods with my boys. This morning I was out with my oldest and after seeing a handful of deer on Friday the deer were not playing nice today. After sitting in a double stand for around 2 hours my oldest started to get cold so we moved to our Millennium Buck Hut and fired up the heater. After being in the hut for around an hour my son jumps out of his seat and yell whispers shooter buck.....I notice after a little bit it may only be a spike but this kid is way to pumped for me to give it a pass.....as it works its way into a shooting lane...I give it a "MeAH"...settle the dot on what I thought was right behind the shoulder and send a bolt around 38 yards down range. Wouldn't ya know....we hear a thwack and the deer drops in its tracks......my son is about to jump out of the blind with pure excitement and now I notice this buck isn't dead yet.....thinking I spined it I wait a bit and notice he isn't expiring as quick as I would like. I ended up walking up on him and put another bolt through the vitals. My son couldn't wait to rap his hands around those antlers and just kept asking if we can get a Euro done. Aweosme day, unique racked deer and most importantly a day I won't forget for a long long time!!




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