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  • G-man

    Friend has success!

      Year: 2023
      Species: Deer
      Weapon: Crossbow
      Date Killed: 11/05/2023

    Neighbor has been seeing this guy morning and evening fri, sat,  Sunday am but 80 yards from him..  convinced him to move to stand  by pond  on Sunday as he was shoing there on cam just after dark..  Sunday evening was able to close the deal on him.. his best crossbow/archery  buck29151.thumb.jpeg.78a6b0ed139f3a057843255e090c976f.jpegreceived_3859571194270067.thumb.jpeg.772d99bd07730b2cc162c87a4202a866.jpegreceived_1951425578572642.thumb.jpeg.d3d9330d3e7352ca9115924b8dbf7832.jpegoff to the taxidermist this am...


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