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  • Wolc123

    JOY Grinder Doe

      Year: 2023
      Species: Deer
      Weapon: Muzzleloader
      Date Killed: 09/17/2023

    I was really hoping for a “grinder” mature doe during the early antlerless season and JOY filled the bill, with 28 minutes to spare.

    J: Jesus First : I doubled down here, attending our local church in the late morning (following a quick , deerless, early morning hunt, then adult Sunday School.

    O: Others Second: when I got home from Sunday School, I knocked off a heck of a Honey-do list for my wife.  When I got over to my parents place, they had an even larger bunch of tasks for me to do.  I did all that they asked and then some. 

    Y: Yourself Last:  I was way later than I wanted to be in my back tree stand.  I thought for sure that I had picked the wrong one again (as I had the Saturday prior), when I got up there and noted that my dad had mowed the clover plot down to a short stubble during the week.

    I was even more sure that I had, when I heard the old boss doe that I was after, snorting at my scent stream, about 50 yards into the thick downwind cover.

    I had pulled off my face mask, that was holding back the skeeters, and all but given up at sunset.  Just then I heard the unmistakable sound of hoof steps in the upwind goldenrod.  JOY stepped out, about 50 yards away, and began to feed her way closer along a narrow strip of taller clover that my dad had missed along the back hedge row. 

    I cranked my old Redfield magnification up to max (7X) and made damn sure there were no buttons on her head.  Then I settled the crosshairs on the back lower corner of her inboard shoulder blade (I did not want to track and gut in the dark). 

    When the smoke cleared, there lay her quivering mass. She was an even better doe than I was hoping for.  An unbred  “heifer” that was carrying lots of fat and no milk. 






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