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  • nywaw

    Non Typical 26 pointer!

      Year: 2023
      Species: Deer
      Weapon: Compound
      Date Killed: 09/14/2023

    Hey sorry guys. It was a late night with friends and family admiring one of the coolest deer I've ever had a chance to hunt. 

    I found this deer last year on my camera and he still had velvet in February.  He then disappeared as a basic 8 point only to show up this June as total freak. I watched him grow and got thousands of pictures of him all summer. He then disappeared like a ghost and I thought got hit by a car or ehd. 

    He moved off the beans and I found him feeding in some oaks so I set up my blind and got a pic of him opening night. But..I was at a wedding.  I sat every night after with only doe and small bucks in range until last night. 

    He came in slowly and gave me a good shot at 20 yds. As he ate his last acorn I punch a hole in the top off his heart and one lung with my Grim Reaper carnifour.  He went down a few yards away and sure enough ended up being a Biden Buck. Small testicles with a big ego. 

    I got 26 points and weighed 150lbs. The technical term is called Cryptorchid. Which means small testicals and low testosterone.  

    Enjoy the pics. Thanks






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