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  • Upstate Nerdneck
    Upstate Nerdneck

    NY rifle buck with the old 700

      Year: 2022
      Species: Deer
      Weapon: Rifle
      Date Killed: 11/19/2022

    Shot him around 1:08 pm.  Was on my way to the stand, sneaking down the logging road.  Stopped to glass the new plot, though I heard steps over the hill directly below me, then the wind picked up.  Slid off the logging road and behind a big hemlock, started glassing.  Took ten minutes for me to get a clear shot at him.  I think if I'd known how good he was I would have missed!  I did my job, the old 700 did it's job.  He went about 40 yards.  Drag was 400 feet elevation down switchback logging roads that were like dragging him over sandpaper.  My dad and our hunting buddy picked me up at the bottom of the hill.PXL_20221119_184919655.jpg




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    15 minutes ago, Upstate Nerdneck said:

    Oh, sure sure!  Here's your 20.......


    I mean, er, this was so long ago, I can barely remember it.  Wasn't my best ever or anything, not a big deal.

    The Hunter Showcase is really just about a collection of hunting success.  Doesn't have to be giant deer or anything.  Idea is to create a unified collection of all hunting success members have so we can look through the years and filter based on animal, weapon, time period, etc. :up:

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