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  • Outdoorstom

    Today it was my turn!

      Year: 2023
      Species: Deer
      Weapon: Rifle
      Date Killed: 11/03/2023

    I had some good fortune this evening! I saw a buck come out the corn to the left, and walk into the corn on the right, as seen in the picture. This is 250 yards from my blind, so I rattled hoping to get his attention. A few seconds later he stepped back out of the corn and started browsing. He worked his way down around the corner of the corn and started walking away from me. It was windy, but the wind was blowing quartering toward him, so he was able to hear my grunt call. He stopped and looked in my direction, but then continued on. The second time he heard it, he couldn’t take it anymore and turned and started walking straight toward me. At 47 yards he stopped to take a couple bites of brassicas, and that’s where he stayed.





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