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CNY - "Get Ready To Hunt" Shoot at Camillus Sportsmens Club

Event details

This event began 08/22/2023 and repeats every week on Tuesday until 09/26/2023

I am organizing a series of Archery Shoots at my local Sportsmens Club.   You can call it the CNY version of the "WNY Academy".  Here are some of the details:

 WHERE:                Camillus Sportsmens Club (you can either be a member, or shoot as my guest up to 2X)

WHEN:                  Tuesdays at 5:30 pm  , starting August 22 and every Tuesday until September 26, 2023 (6 weeks total)    

EQUIPMENT:     Whatever Compound or Traditional Bow you plan to hunt with, Field Points Only, No Broadheads  

HOW:                    10 arrows at Indoor 20 yard targets, 20 arrows at Outdoor 3D targets - Last year we did 10 arrows - cold, no warmup - indoors at spot targets. I'm hoping this year to get animal style targets too.                                           Then we move outdoors and shoot from three different positions: standing, inside a ground blind, and from a 12' high tower.  At each location, you draw what target you will be shooting at from a coffee can.  Could be "Groundhog",  "Elk", "Doe", "Buck" etc.  We have over 20 targets to shoot at outdoors.  Yardages are not given, you'll need to estimate.  First Arrow, the score is doubled.   There will be a sheet laying out the shoot options and to keep track of your scoring.   

This is just for fun and to warm up for the fall season. 

Come as often as you are able, there is no obligation! There is NO CHARGE. 

PM Me for any details.   Also, can people tag any forum members that are in or near CNY?  @fletchny11  @boo711  @Robhuntandfish 







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