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  • ZAG

    11/19/2022 NY buck with the 300 Winchester

      Year: 2022
      Species: Deer
      Weapon: Rifle
      Date Killed: 11/19/2022

    Well I hopped into the redneck around 6am overlooking the food plot. Didn’t see a thing until about 3:40 ish when a spike came out.

    It was a joy glassing him and watching him feed on what I planted this past August. I’ve seen him in the plot a 100 times this fall. Always fun to see them enjoying it.

    Anyways I’m glassing him and I see him intently looking off to the east. I see a doe bounding thru the woods nothing behind her. 
    Back to watching the spike, catch deer running from my right towards the plot and it stops b4 the he plot where i can just see its lower body and legs and say to myself be a nice buck. It then bounds out into the plot and stops, it looks to be in a hurry.
    I see decent horns thru scope,  and see enough horns to say lets do it. Quickly line up the scope on the 300 win and send it. 
    For the record I thought about this just prior to shooting (am i far enough away from the scope), well in the quickness of everything i wasn’t quite clear and scoped myself. Hahaha I know im an idiot!!

    Anyways he ran about 50yrs and piled up. Normally id give him a pass but said f it. This yrs been a struggle finding bucks. Sometimes u take what Mother Nature gives ya!

    Heres a pic with my dad. Not getting many more of these moments.



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