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New Gun On the Way

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I've been slowly saving and looking for a quality smoothbore to add to my growing Muzzleloader collection. I had originally planned on a smoothbore fowler, but I came across a very attractive .50 caliber smooth rifle on another forum and decided to go for it. A smooth rifle is a smooth bore that is set up with rifle sights. They often have set triggers as well, but this one does not. They were designed to fit somewhat of the same purpose of a fowler. As an all around gun, it could be loaded with shot for small game, but also with a roundball for larger game. The fowler is usually a larger bore, often measured by "bore" or "gauge". The smooth rifle is often 50-58 caliber.  Accuracy of the smoothbore is debated, but a general concensus is that they are more than capable of dependable accuracy out to 50 yards. The rifle sights make these shots pretty easy to accomplish with a tight fitting PRB and appropriate charge.   A 42" barrel, full grade 3 curly maple stock, and an L&R Germanic lock. The builder is in California, and I'm very much looking forward to shooting it. 

I'm still on the hunt for a fowler, but now I may be looking for something antique, as this gun will satisfy for hunting loads and light competition. 






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After a long and frustrating road, I now have a beautiful, and more importantly, functioning smooth rifle. When the gun arrived the lock would not release under thumb pressure, only by firing. The top jaw screw was also bent. I contacted the builder and he had me send it back to repair. I paid for the shipping to CA, which he said he would cover. He mailed the gun back, assuring me it was fixed. It arrived in the same condition that I sent it back to him, also with no reimbursement for the shipping to CA (around $100). I have messaged him stating the continued issues, but have not heard back. 

In the meantime, a gunsmith from PA that is on another forum offered to fix the gun gratis, only paying shipping. I sent it to him along with a check to cover shipping and his labor and materials. The gun arrived back today in perfect working condition. 

Even after the issues with the builder, I am very pleased with this gun and plan to take some squirrels with it this September. 





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What a beautiful gun!! Glad you finally got her all set to go. Sure will make a pretty picture, laying next to a critter, with freshly fallen leaves on the ground.

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