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NY Woods & Water 2023 Adult Turkey Hunting Contest Winners and Prizes!


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The NY turkey season has come to a close, as has our first NY Woods & Water Adult Turkey Hunting Contest!  We had a total of $200 in donations, and as noted in the contest rules, there is a 50/50 split of the donations between Team ($100) and Individual ($100)!  The Winners, Prize Distribution, and final Scoreboard is listed down below!  Congrats to all the successful hunters and our contest winners!  I will reach out to the winners to coordinate distributing the prizes! :up: :up: :up:


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@WNY Bowhunter





Prize Distribution:

Individual Prizes:

Total:  $100

1st Place: $50 (~50%)
2nd Place: $30 (~33%)
3rd Place: $20 (~17%)

Winning Team Prizes:

Total:  $100
Each member on winning team:  $50


Team Prizes:

Team 4 took the prize for the Team Contest with 74.1250 points!  Congrats to @cynthiafu and @dmandoes!  Each will receive $50!


Individual Prizes:

1st place:  @WNY Bowhunter with 43.1250 points wins $50
2nd place:  @dmandoes with 42.3750 points wins $30
3rd place: @cynthiafu with 36.3750 points wins $20

Note:  @Spysar did not meet the rules qualification of including a picture of himself with the turkey.  He reached out to me via PM to point the rule out, and I want to thank him for his integrity in holding to the rules of the contest! :clapping: :beer: 

Total Prizes Awarded:

@dmandoes: $80 (DONATED to 2023 Youth Deer Hunting Contest)
@cynthiafu: $70 (DONATED to 2023 Youth Deer Hunting Contest)
@WNY Bowhunter: $50 (AWARDED)

Congrats to this year's winners, well done!  I'll PM each of you to coordinate payment! :up:


Team Scoreboard

Team 1 (54.1250 points):
WNY Bowhunter:  43.1250 points 
blackbeltbill: 11.0000 points

Team 2 (35.0000 points):
2012-Taco: 0.0000 points 
Otto: 35.0000 points

Team 3 (0.0000 points):
Meatball: 0.0000 points 
ATbuckhunter: 0.0000 points

Team 4 (78.7500 points):
cynthiafu:  36.3750 points
dmandoes: 42.3750 points

Team 5 (18.0000 points):
Robhuntandfish:  18.0000 points 
Skillet: 0.0000 points

Team 6 (54.3750 points):
dbHunterNY:  16.5000 points
Spysar: 37.8750 points

Team 7 (0.0000 points):
turkeyfeathers: 0.0000 points 
LET EM GROW: 0.0000 points

Team 8 (32.5000 points):
Upstate Nerdneck: 32.5000 points 
Jeremy K: 0.0000 points

Team 9 (0.0000 points):
mowin: 0.0000 points 
The_Real_TCIII: 0.0000 points


Individual Scoreboard

1. WNY Bowhunter:  43.1250 points
2. dmandoes:  42.3750 points
3. Spysar:  37.8750 points
4. cynthiafu:  36.3750 points
5. Otto:  35.0000 points
6. Upstate Nerdneck:  32.5000 points
7. Robhuntandfish:  18.0000 points
8. dbHunterNY:  16.5000 points
9. blackbeltbill:  11.0000 points
10. mowin:  0.0000 points
10. 2012-Taco:  0.0000 points
10. Meatball:  0.0000 points 
10. ATbuckhunter:  0.0000 points
10. LET EM GROW:  0.0000 points
10. The_Real_TCIII:  0.0000 points
10. Jeremy K:  0.0000 points
10. turkeyfeathers:  0.0000 points
10. Skillet:  0.0000 points




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  • nywaw changed the title to NY Woods & Water 2023 Adult Turkey Hunting Contest Winners and Prizes!

Meet the captain of the Bunny Clark, Tim Tower. It's my favorite fishing boat. Tim does a bike ride to raise money for the Jimmy Fund and the money goes directly to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. If anyone wants to donate any prize money, it would be a great cause. Just throwing it out there.


Make Donations for Pan-Massachusetts Challenge - Help Support Captain Tim's 2023 Ride in the Pan-Mass Challenge toward a Cure for Cancer (bunnyclark.com)

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There has been an adjustment to the prizes and distribution.  I want to thank @Spysar for his integrity in reaching out to me regarding the rule requiring including a picture of you with your turkey.  He recognized he didn't meet that rule and brought it to my attention.  As a result, his 3rd place prize will fall to the 4th place finisher in the Individual contest, which is @cynthiafu!  The original post and prizes being awarded have been updated!  Thank you again @Spysar for not only being forthcoming but also in your understanding of the mistake, truly exemplary! :up:

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Congrats to everyone  who entered and had Fun.

  Sorry Partner/WNY BowHunter- I did not pull my weight with my waterlogged 14lb Jake. I concentrated on Cynthia . Next year though. 

   This was the year of the Jakes-Lol! 

  Should be PLENTY of 2 year olds running around next Spring and plenty of Jakes from,I believe to be a great Hatch and surviving Poults this Spring due to the dry conditions. 

  I hope so as,I seem to be a 1 Turkey a year Man when for 20+ years straight- it was 4 to 6 Birds in Spring and Fall and 3 States.  Man,I miss those years.

Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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