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Convert Videos from MOV to MP4 so they embed in posts

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Why is it that when I try to attach a video (.mov), by dragging and dropping in a post, it needs to be downloaded to view it? Other videos on this site are embedded and don't need to be downloaded? What's up with that? 

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1 hour ago, nywaw said:

It's because MOV is an Apple format and not all web browsers recognize it.  Sucks as it impacts view-ability if not using Safari.  

OK, with a little help from the duckduckgo machine, I found out how to change the .mov file to an mp4! Videos can now be embedded! It worked! :up:

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2 hours ago, Nontypical said:

Is it a simple process? I’d much rather be able to post direct rather than a YouTube link. 

It was simple! These are the instructions that I followed:

To convert MOV to MP4

Right-click on MOV file and select open with Photos and the video will open. 

On the upper part of the screen, click on the icon that says "Trim" (first one). At this point, you can trim/edit your video down to the main part where the action is (ie. If you have a 30 second video, but the deer is only in the frame for 10-15 seconds, you can trim the video down to just those 10-15 seconds... Pretty cool!).

After that click "Save a Copy". A box will open asking you where you want to save it to. Under the "File Name", is where you can select the "Save As Type". Use the dropdown box to select "mp4" and click save.


It looks like you can also convert .mov to .mp4 using VLC Media Player pretty easily as well, if you have that loaded, which I don't... 



I really like the first method though, to allow me to trim the video down to just the "good part". :pleasantry: 

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