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Why do pics load so slow for me?


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Hmmm I haven't noticed the delay.  It may be the number of pics overall and their sizing.  The Miss Montauk is linked to FB hosted pics which are usually compressed quite a bit and lesser quality.  I'll look at compressing here more.  Both FB and this site use a CDN for delivering images so it should be fast from that regard. 

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Looking at a couple pics the FB ones are 1/5 of the size which is significant.  I'll review more and test some settings out.  

Also I don't see any delay on desktop but see a slight one while scrolling on mobile which makes sense given the difference in device hardware. 

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29 minutes ago, Spysar said:

I don't even look at long threads with pics, it's painfully slow. Then I noticed the pics on the Miss Montauk threads load really fast. This is the only site that seems load super slow. Why does one set of pics load fast, and most so slow I X out of the thread.

  Easy and quick for me. OldGobbler Site- I gave up trying to upload pictures.  Same as Gobbler Nation Site. Facebook-- again no problem and Fast.

Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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4 minutes ago, Spysar said:

Better for sure. Still not super fast, but way more doable. It still loads one pic at a time. Scoll over next pic, wait a few seconds, scoll to next pic, wait a few seconds, etc

I see a small delay on mobile but not seconds more of a sub-second delay (which is what lazy loading does, it loads them as you scroll to them to keep from having to load the entire page when it first comes up).  I don't see any delay on desktop.  This is generally due to connection speeds (on WIFI the delay is hardly noticeable but on cell signal it's more so).  I'm going to keep tinkering, but at least it is improving.

Also it's only going to apply right now for pics that were posted after I made that change the other day.  Anything posted on a date before then it still going to load slower.  So keep that in mind as you are viewing.  I'm still working on fixing the files from before the fix the other day.

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