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4 weeks ago today I had surgery on my ulnar nerve (transposition) and carpal tunnel, starboard side.   Had a tightly wrapped splint above the elbow to my finger tips for the first two weeks, no bending of the elbow or wrist.  That came off to my utter delight and things have improved a little each day.  Started PT/OT? last week and had my second visit this afternoon.  I won't say they babied me......

I see the surgeon next Wednesday for what I assume is the last time (for this go-round) and we'll discuss shooting the bow then.  He is aware of my archery concerns but that doesn't mean he gives a flip. :)

An Academy member has offered me the use of his late father's Diamond Infinity bow to get back up to speed with my bow or even hunt with it.  The head of the tuning department at the Academy said he'd get the bow whipped into shape to my specs and I appreciate that.  (Thanks to Jeremy & Tacks)




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Get well Larry.   Glad to hear it went ok. 

Did @Jeremy Koffer the use of his crossbow?  

Actually you prob could get a Dr waiver to use one for the season. ....

Best of luck and get better soon. 

"it's pointless for humans to paint scenes of nature when they can go outside and stand in it"- Ron Swanson

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So far, so good, post surgery Larry! Keep it going my friend!!      :up:

Take it from someone who's been post op a time or two...... Follow the Dr's and Therapist's advice! 

It is so important to heal properly. Not to jump the gun ,trying too soon to test the boundaries. Think long term, not short term.

You got plenty of time.  Bow season doesn't end until mid November.


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Update.......I got the loaner bow from Jeremy probably a month ago.  It was set around 36lbs with a pretty close drew length for me.  I shot it all I could before I got tired then would set it aside.  After a week or so I (just for fun) tried to draw my 55lb Ritual....not a chance in hell could I get it to break over.  I called Roy at Nick's Archery and he recommended the Elite Ember as it's one of those chick bows that has lots of poundage and DL adjustment.  I picked it up last week and have it shooting pretty good, set at 42lbs now. 

Every few days I pick up my old bow and am amazed I can't draw it anymore.  It has to be something with the ulnar nerve relocation and the much more aggressive cams??

Oh well, I'm still in the game.

This picture is from last night at 20yds........


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