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Athlon , warranty rocks !


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So,I bought a pair last year, grabbed them awhile back to head to the woods ,and the left eye piece came off and i could not reattach it.

Now I see on my box Lifetime warranty , so I send it in with a brief note , a few days letter I get an email that they got it , then another saying a new pair is heading my way .

No receipt needed, and it’s lifetime of the product no matter who ends up,owning them .

Outstanding !!  And I did use them in a very dusty environment which may have set the whole issue into play ,but they didn’t care .

They sent the new ones in a box with new straps , case , lens cloths the whole shooting match , I’m very happy with this company.


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I remembered seeing your first post about them and I put them in my Amazon list then completely forgot about them for a while. Then one day I looked through my list and they were on sale so I bought them. So far I really like them. Really nice for the price. Good to know the customer service is good too! Thanks for the recommendation! 

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