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A Great Piece on Our 4-H Shooting Sports Course


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Last night we kicked off our fall 4-H Shooting Sports Course. Every spring and fall we offer this 5 week course to kids 12 and older. They get a chance to try 5 shooting sports disciplines: Archery, Rifle, Shotgun, Air Pistol and Muzzleloader. I also do a lesson on home firearm safety at the first night of each season. We cover the responsibility that comes with owning and using firearms and shooting equipment. We do a demonstration of the power of general hunting firearms by shooting a .22lr and 12 gauge slug at a false wall to show that a standard homes wall will not stop projectile, regardless of what film and video games teach us. We aslo explode a cabbage with 12 gauge shotshell. The highlight is shooting the tomato can with a quarter underneath it with a rifle, or in last nights case, a 12 gauge slug. The concussion will flip the coin and leave a clear imprint of the coin on the bottom of the can. The kids enjoy it, and it's a good demonstration. 

This year we are being more intentional about letting our youth Junior Instructors have a bigger role in teaching. Last night I had teens from my "Artful Archers" archery club teach the archery discipline under the supervison of certified adult instructors. They did a fantastic job, a little bit of stage fright at first, but where they really shine is the 1-1 instruction. I'm so proud of these kids. Not only do they have a bright future for themselves, but they provide a bright future for shooting sports. 


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Awesome!  Great writeup and hats off to you and all who help get these kids engaged and involved in shooting sports! :up: :up: :up:

One of the most memorable experiences of my youth relative to shooting was taking my hunter education course for rifle/muzzleloader and the instructor did something similar to what you described.  He had a bunch of jugs of liquid (water with food coloring) and shot different bullets at them to show the differences in impact and expansion of bullets and the outcome.  Was a really cool presentation and learned a lot being able see the result first hand versus just from text and visualizing! :up:

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