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Coeymans Creek WMA = Rezoning Commercial ?


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No clue. I'm pretty sure the only land owned by the state that's protected from this sort of thing is the Adirondacks. Guess we just wait and see what happens. I drove down into the area, the blacktop ended just after going under the bridge (or at least it did a week and a half ago) with about a 14" drop. It was loads of fun backing back out of there.

I don't feed trolls.

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20 hours ago, DirtTime said:

Depends on who cries too. Crying got a bunch of speed bumps on a street that didn't need them in the area.


Most people in the area aren't fans of Lafarge/Holcim (exception=employees), so if the citizens get any say this won't happen. 



Wouldn't mind a couple Speed Bumps on Rte. 144 !  LOL

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Do you really think our NY governor gives a crap about hunting?  You should see the mess they are making around me with solar farms.  And it's all about money and not about green power.  And the public gets to foot the bill for these while others profit from them.  Such a deal and its all government supported in the Governor's green plan.  

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