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Colorado 2023


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A friend and  I went to colorado for the third time in 3 years. I thought  I would share a few pics . No luck on the elk, but buddy got a nice muley.  Rough gross score 219 hard to be accurate with the velvet. Wouldn't surprise me if he's actually closer to 200. Either way he was huge. I've shot  few whitetails that weighed high 180s hanging. I would bet  this guy was closer to 400 then 350lbs on the hoof he would have dwarfed any of those whitetails20230915_161637.thumb.jpg.790e5fe1f0f672e1052669ec264b752d.jpg20230915_161637.thumb.jpg.790e5fe1f0f672e1052669ec264b752d.jpg20230915_075202.thumb.jpg.ab076580487a3a18017a1d383097d0aa.jpg20230910_173253.thumb.jpg.20c7ae81967573b295b36f71e47df04e.jpg20230910_173328.thumb.jpg.99f09521a0d3284bfdaf7e804b38bcdf.jpg20230908_181603.thumb.jpg.8d74b4740e5de7203ff0cb49648bc69d.jpg20230908_181646.thumb.jpg.e90bfdf044c959e6ae42ee346035968b.jpg.



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43 minutes ago, Robhuntandfish said:

Awesome buck!   Had to be a great experience. 

It was! My biggest plan for this year was to be more physically prepared. A torn miniscus a few months back put the kabashes on that. With the aid of trekking  poles I still managed to average 5 miles a day. Maybe next year.

I was too sneaky once and snuck around a mountainside and set overlooking the above wallow during a rain/sleet storm. When I got up and left, I walked 70 yds straight up to the top of the ridge and there were 4 fresh dry elk beds with trails leaving them through the ashes and mud , not running away.lol.

I followed for aways before they turned and headed straight down the mtn. I decided  it was too late and the hill too slippery to catch up..

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27 minutes ago, broomeguy said:

Fantastic buck!! Now I'm second guessing my choice to return my CO deer tag :)

I saw one friday at 60yds that was of a similar size,but didn't have a tag..I just finished eating some backstraps (nothing but butter,salt pepper and garlic)and it wasn't whitetail.  Not terrible but definitely  more gamey.  Tomorow I'll try some of the berger.

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