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Black Friday Discounts


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Our focus has been the store and we plan to roll out a full site during winter. That said, I’ve updated the site with a few items and set up discounts that go through Sunday.

We will add Alps packs and some others for Small Business Saturday.

For now:

Discount on Reveal Starter Kits - Cam / SD Card / LiPo Battery Pack - Code is TCTT23

Discount on Athlon Talos Scopes and Midas 8x42 UHD Binos - NYWW23

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28 minutes ago, crappyice said:

It ain't hunting related but my wife just grabbed $1,100 worth of AllClad pots and pans for $585 and I am supposed to be excited! This  new kitchen has spread to a new bathroom, living room, family couch, dining room table and now pot and pans?!? 

All clad is the best. Sounds like a great deal. The baking sheets alone are $250 a pop. 

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